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Cannabis Dispensary

We can assist in obtaining local and state cannabis business permits for dispensary and delivery cannabis business permits in California

Business Permits & Licensing

Providing services for cannabis business manufacturers and processors under MCRSA & AUMA in California.  Full assistance in obtaining cannabis business permits for all types of manufacturing and cultivation companies.

Cannabis Cultivators

Local and State cannabis cultivation licensing assistance.  Cannabis cultivation collectives will be out of business soon, get started on cannabis cultivation licensing ASAP.

Under Assembly Bill 266, California’s Department of Consumer Affairs will create a new agency called the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation. This agency will have the power to write and implement rules to enforce the provisions of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act.

Additional rulemaking power rests with the Department of Food and Agriculture to regulate medical marijuana cultivation, and the Department of Public Health to regulate edible medical cannabis products such as cookies.

Rulemaking can be a lengthy process and the details of how these agencies will regulate dispensaries, collectives, cultivation, and the production and sale of edibles — as well as the licensing fees that may be charged — may not be fully known for some time.

Medical Cannabis Business Licensing

One important facet of the MCRSA for medical marijuana businesses and AUMA, is the creation of a state licensing system that includes 17 different license types for the operation of cannabis businesses. The licenses are based on the type of business activity.  Cannabis business permits are available for the following cannabis business types:


  • Dispensary
  • Delivery services
  • Manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Packaging
  • Testing Lab
  • Cultivation

Cannabis Permit Restrictions

Under Section 19328, you can only hold a state license in two of these 17 categories at one time, and only in certain combinations. For example, if you have one of the small cultivation licenses you can also have a manufacturer license, but you cannot have a manufacturer license if you are a medium cultivator or a nursery. Further, if you apply for a distribution license you also must apply for a transporter license and can hold no other license type.

Cannabis Business Permits Services

Cannabis Business Zoning Requirements

Local jurisdictions are limiting the areas for cannabis businesses.  We can assist in identifying the ideal building for your cannabis business.

Cannabis Business Permits

Our expert attorney and industry expert team is dedicated to preparing your cannabis business permit and walking you through the entire process from start to finish.

Security and Operations

Cannabis businesses must meet requirements for security and storage of product.  We can assist in all the requirements for cannabis business permits for secure cannabis operations.

cannabis business permits

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